Troubleshooting Failed Transactions

Modified on Wed, 7 Feb at 1:54 PM

Troubleshooting Failed Transactions:

1. Check Transaction Status: Visit your transaction history on CryptoWallet and locate the failed transaction. Note any error messages or details provided. This info helps troubleshoot the issue. For reference, please find our Knowledge Base article on the given topic here.

2. Verify Funds: Ensure sufficient funds, including fees, in your account for the transaction. Check your balance to meet transaction requirements.

3. Review Network Status: Sometimes, network congestion delays transactions. Check the blockchain network status. If congested, wait until it clears before retrying the transaction. Also see, if you have sufficient funds to cover any network fees.

4. Double-Check Details Errors: in recipient address or amount can cause failures. Review all transaction details for accuracy.

5. Retry Transaction: If the failure was due to a temporary issue, retry the transaction after resolving previous errors.

6. Contact Support: If issues persist, contact CryptoWallet support with transaction ID, error messages, and steps taken. They'll assist in resolving the problem.

Encountering a failed transaction can be inconvenient, but following these steps helps resolve it effectively. Be patient and diligent, and remember to conduct thorough research. Your proactive approach combined with CryptoWallet's support ensures a smoother cryptocurrency experience.

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