Commissions for depositing money on the CryptoWallet card

Modified on Mon, 17 Jul 2023 at 01:01 PM aims to provide a transparent and cost-effective experience for users of the CryptoWallet Card. In this article, we will discuss the commissions associated with depositing money onto the card and highlight the absence of any additional fees, ensuring a straightforward and efficient process for spending your crypto.

Commissions for Spending Crypto:

When using the CryptoWallet Card to make purchases with cryptocurrencies, a standard fee of 0.8% is charged. This fee is applied to the transaction amount and covers the cost of the conversion from your selected cryptocurrency to the local fiat currency at the point of sale. The 0.8% fee is clearly communicated to users, enabling them to make informed decisions while spending their digital assets.

No Additional Fees:

In addition to the 0.8% fee for spending crypto, does not impose any other fees for depositing money onto the CryptoWallet Card. This means that you can load funds onto the card without worrying about additional charges, providing a cost-effective solution for managing and utilizing your cryptocurrencies.

When using the CryptoWallet Card, a 0.8% fee is charged for spending cryptocurrencies, ensuring a transparent and straightforward process. However, there are no additional fees for depositing money onto the card, making it a cost-effective solution for managing your digital assets. Take advantage of the CryptoWallet Card's convenience and enjoy hassle-free spending without worrying about hidden charges.

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