The money was debited from SEPA but the cryptocurrency did not come

Modified on Mon, 17 Jul 2023 at 12:59 PM

Cryptocurrency transactions provide fast and efficient ways to transfer digital assets. However, issues can arise, such as when money is debited from your SEPA account, but the cryptocurrency fails to appear in your CryptoWallet account. In this article, we will explore possible reasons behind this problem and offer guidance on resolving it.

  1. Verify transaction details:

Double-check the transaction details, including the recipient address and transaction ID, to ensure accuracy. Mistakenly inputting incorrect details can result in the cryptocurrency being sent to the wrong wallet.

  1. Check blockchain confirmations:

Confirmations are necessary to validate and secure cryptocurrency transactions. Different cryptocurrencies require a specific number of confirmations. Make sure you have allowed sufficient time for the required confirmations to occur.

  1. Contact customer support:

If the transaction is still pending or you encounter error messages, reach out to our customer support team. Provide them with transaction details for assistance in investigating and resolving the issue.

Our Customer Support email:

  1. Consider network congestion and fees:

High network congestion can cause delays in transaction processing. Additionally, transaction fees may fluctuate, affecting the priority of your transaction. Check if your transaction fee was adequate.

  1. Utilize blockchain explorers:

Blockchain explorers allow you to track and verify the progress of cryptocurrency transactions. By entering your transaction ID, you can gain insights into the transaction's status and any associated confirmations.

Experiencing a situation where money is debited from your SEPA account but the cryptocurrency is missing in your CryptoWallet can be concerning. Take the necessary steps to verify transaction details, contact customer support, and utilize blockchain explorers. By being proactive and patient, you can address and resolve these issues in a timely manner.

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