How to do KYC?

Modified on Mon, 17 Jul 2023 at 12:51 PM

Know Your Customer (KYC) verification is a crucial process that ensures the security and compliance of financial transactions. CryptoWallet, as a regulated platform, requires KYC verification to provide a safe environment for its users. In this article, we will guide you through the steps involved in completing the KYC verification process.

Step 1: Gather Required Documents

To initiate the KYC process, you will need to gather specific documents. These typically include proof of identity, proof of address, and, in some cases, proof of the source of your funds. Commonly accepted proof of identity documents include a passport or a national ID card ( currently does not approve driver's licenses). Ensure that these documents are valid and not expired.

Step 2: Complete the Online Form

Log in to your CryptoWallet account and navigate to the KYC verification section. Fill out the online form with accurate personal information, including your full name, date of birth, and contact details. Take your time to double-check the information for accuracy.

Step 3: Upload Required Documents

Follow the instructions provided to upload the required documents. Typically, you will need to upload a clear scanned copy or a high-quality photograph of your proof of identity document. Additionally, you may be asked to upload documents that prove your residential address, such as utility bills, tenancy agreements, or other relevant documents. If requested, provide the necessary documents to verify the source of your funds.

Step 4: Undergo Liveness Check

As part of the KYC process, you may be required to undergo a liveness check using your device's camera. This involves performing specific actions or facial expressions to prove that you are a real person and not using manipulated images or stolen identities. Follow the instructions provided carefully to complete this step.

Step 5: Review and Submit

Before finalizing your KYC submission, review all the information and documents you have provided. Ensure that everything is accurate and legible. Once you are confident that everything is in order, submit your KYC verification request.

Step 6: Wait for Verification

After submitting your KYC request, the CryptoWallet team will review your documents and information. The verification process may take some time, depending on the volume of requests. Be patient and await confirmation from CryptoWallet regarding the status of your KYC verification.

Completing the KYC verification process on CryptoWallet is a straightforward procedure that requires gathering the necessary documents, filling out an online form, uploading documents, undergoing a liveness check, and reviewing and submitting your application. By following these steps accurately and providing the required information, you contribute to a secure and compliant financial environment.

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