Why did my CryptoWallet card get declined?

Modified on Mon, 01 Aug 2022 at 01:21 PM

There are four situations where a card might get declined, and the solution is usually simple.


  • Your balance is too low to make the transaction

  • You’ve reached your card limits

  • Your card was blocked

  • Prepaid debit cards are not supported without a bank account at this merchant


If your balance is too low, you may find your card declined, and adding funds will fix the issue. Equally, if you’ve reached your card limits, you’ll see your CryptoWallet card declined, and in this case you’ll simply need to wait until the limit period is lifted again. More information on limits can be found here. Card and ATM withdrawal limits are in place for your security.


Your CW debit card may be blocked for security reasons.It’s possible that your prepaid card was blocked, for example, due to the PIN number being entered incorrectly too many times. Contact CryptoWallet support if this is the case.


Finally, there are merchants out there that do not support prepaid debit cards that don’t use a bank account, meaning they don’t support CryptoWallet cards. This is a rare occurrence, but it’s worth checking that this isn’t the reason your card was declined. You can contact a merchant’s support team to make sure they support CryptoWallet.

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